Wiki Rules

😡Swearing = Forever Ban

👹Gore = Forever Ban

💉Blood and stuff like that = Forever Ban

💑Dating = 2 Week Ban

🙅🏼Inappropriate Pics = Forever Ban

🔣Spamming = 2 Week Ban

🙅🏼Inappropriate Content = Forever Ban

✝️Disrespecting Someone's Religion = 3 Day Ban

🚽Bathroom Jokes = 1 Week Ban

⚠️Starting Fights = Warning

🚫Anything Else breaking the rules= Warning

📞 If you need some help contact the Wiki Founder or an Admin, If your asking for permission ask MG71 📞

😠 Got any complaints? CONTACT SOMEONE RIGHT AWAY!

Note: 📝 Thank you for your patience.

Emoji = something that represents the rule