Subject: Yokai Watch

The Yo-kai Watch anime (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ アニメ, Yōkai Wotchi Anime) has been airing in Japan since January 8, 2014 and currently holds nearly two-hundred episodes. The second Japanese season started on July 10, 2015 from EP077 that introduced Inaho Misora and Usapyon. Episodes regularly airs every week at Tuesdays on the Japanese television TV Tokyo. However, some episodes air at different dates.

The anime has also aired in the United States at October 5, 2015 on the television network Disney XD, a month before the North American release date for the Yo-kai Watch video game. It also airs on the Canadian channel Teletoon. In addition to airing on Disney XD, episodes are released on the official Yo-kai Watch YouTube channel every Thursday. The anime also aired on the Disney XD block on Disney Channel at December 18, 2015, which marks the first Disney XD series to air on another channel, that isn't an original program.

The anime also broadcasted across channels in Europe and Africa in Spring 2016, after the anime became a success in North America.[1]

Episodes are split into multiple parts which is similar to that of American children cartoons; however, the parts are usually in uneven times with each other, some even played as "cold opens" before the opening theme.

The anime is directed by Shinji Ushiro, and produced by Yoshikazu Kuretani and Kiyofumi Kajiwara. The story is written by Yoichi Kato and the music is arranged by Ken'ichirō Saigō. The episodes are done at OLM.

Subject: Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure is a magical girl anime directed towards little kids (but is fine for all ages) that is currently in its fourteenth season. It debuted as Futari Wa Pretty Cure in 2004.

Subject: Pokemon XYZ 

Episode 15 is the part when all of Ash Catch'em and his friends go to a Ball(a dance), which is my favorite episode! In that Episode there is, Ash, Serena, Clemont, Clemont's Sister, Dawn, Team Rocket, etc. That’s all that I remember. I love this show!  (image will be added)

There are currently 20 seasons of Pokèmon. Pokèmon is an anime based off of the popular Pokèmon video game series. The name "Pokèmon" is an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters.

Subject: Anime

Anime is short for the Japanese word for "animation". The word is typically used to describe Japanese cartoons, the majority of them being modern 2D CG animated, but this stereotype is not necessary. Other countries have created their own shows that are considered anime among the general anime audiences. A few of these are Miraculous LadyBug (France), The Legend of Korra (America), Balala the Fairies (China), and Winx Club (Italy). 

Anime is divided into ratings, just like American cartoons. Each rating has an equal amount of content, more or less. Some examples: TV-Y would be Hello Kitty, TV-Y7 would be Pretty Cure/Pokèmon, TV-14 would be Sword Art Online, R (kind of the same as Tv-14 in Japan) might be something like Sailor Moon (for various reasons) or something less tame with violence, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 

You can find them on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu(I think so), App Store, ect. I draw Anime, so yeah it's a hobby of mine. 

Anime is normally found on Crunchyroll because Netflix usually has the English dub. For example, Saban dubbed Pretty Cure into English under the title "Glitter Force" and is widely criticized for its poor script, voice acting, and overall edits to the original series. Saban is infamous for its unnecessary editing.