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Welcome to the IFC post! This Club updates every week! I brought the Club back this time better and more accurate, to join just say #IFC-Join. This Club is mainly from the KK Blog, if you have more questions just say #IFC-FAQ. 


Spotted BG12 and Riley2208.

News ❗ Bugs 😐 & More ➡

This week's news is............ KK Has a new blog post! called: 


Just click the words and it takes you straight to the KK Blog! This week's bugs is............... People's KK Characters are glitching out! Parts of their Karts are in weird places!!! Some of their Kart Parts are above them or way below them IT'S NUTS!!!!! Report this Bug to KK! To report it click the link below!

More for this week is................. SHOUT OUT TO BG12 AND RILEY2208! I think I'll call Riley2208, RY2208.   

IFC Store 

Cashier: Welcome to the IFC Store! Here everything is $IFC (IFC dollars).

  • Meat = 5 $IFC 
  • Veggies = 15 $IFC
  • Dairy = 1 $IFC 
  • Drinks = 20 $IFC 

To buy it fill out form: (copy and paste to fill it out)



Meat/Veggies/Dairy/Drinks of your choice: 

Are you a IFC Member Yes/No: 

If your not an IFC Member say #IFC-Join or #IFC-Help. 

How many years have you played KK: 

1 year = 1,000 $IFC

2 years = 2,000 $IFC

3 years = 3,000 $IFC

4 years = 4,000 $IFC

5 years = 5,000 $IFC


Club Members 

(0) 20 Members needed! 

Halloween Personalty Quiz

1. What is your favorite Mask?

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A: You love Skeletons B: You love Witches C: You love Princesses.



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